For publications related to the generational economy also check out the publication list of the global NTA project and the publication list of the AGENTA project.

Journal Publications

Spitzer, S., & Weber, D. (2019). Reporting biases in self-assessed physical and cognitive health status of older Europeans. PloS one, 14(10). DOI:

Zannella, M., & De Rose, A. (2019). Stability and change in family time transfers and workload inequality in Italian couples. Demographic Research, 40, 49-60. DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2019.40.3

Working Papers

Spitzer, S., Greulich, A., & Hammer, B. (2018). The Subjective Cost of Young Children: A European Comparison. VID Working Paper 12/2018

Hammer, B., Spitzer, S., Vargha, L., & Istenič, T. (2019). The Gender Dimension of Intergenerational Transfers in Europe. VID Working Paper 07/2019

News & Media