The AGENTA project aimed at explaining the past and forecasting the future of taxes and public transfers in the light of demographic change in the European Union.

AGENTA put a special emphasis on

  • the links between the public and the private sector (particularly households) in providing resources in the dependent periods of the life cycle;
  • the links between the different components of the public budget (current investments in the health and other human capital of children shape the need for services and the size of the public budget in the future);

A central element of the AGENTA project was the compilation of gender-specific National Transfer Accounts (NTAs) and National Time Transfer Accounts (NTTAs) for European countries using publicly available and harmonized data from Eurostat. NTAs introduce the age dimension into national accounts and have been generated for 25 countries and base year 2010. NTTAs complement the basic NTA system by providing age and gender-specific information on unpaid work. Within the AGENTA project, NTTAs for 19 European countries have been generated. The European NTA data can be accessed through the AGENTA data explorer.

Further information can be found at the web page of the AGENTA project.

Research and results of the AGENTA project are summarized in the AGENTA Project brochure.