National Transfer Accounts

A valuable source of data on the generational economy are National Transfer Accounts (NTAs). NTAs are an accounting framework that provides comprehensive and detailed information on the age-patterns of production, consumption and saving, and on transfers between age groups.

The basic NTA data consists of a range of age profiles, containing the per-capita averages of income, transfer payments and benefits, consumption and saving by age. NTA data for about 50 countries around the world can be accessed via the database of the NTA project.

European National Transfer Accounts

Gender-specific NTA datasets for 25 European countries and base year 2010 have been constructed as part of the AGENTA research project. The European NTAs are based on publicly available and harmonised data from Eurostat and can be accessed using the AGENTA data explorer.

National Time Transfer Accounts

National Time Transfer Accounts (NTTAs) complement the basic NTA system by providing age and gender-specific information on unpaid production within households. NTTAs are based on time use data and contain estimates of production, transfers and consumption of services that are produced by unpaid work. European NTA data can be accessed using the AGENTA data explorer.


A detailed description of the European NTA data is found in: Istenič, T., B. Hammer, A. Šeme, A. Lotrič Dolinar, and J. Sambt (2016). European National Transfer Accounts.

For details on the NTTA methodology and data see: Vargha, L., R. I. Gál, and M. O. Crosby-Nagy (2017). Household production and consumption over the life cycle: National time transfer accounts in 14 European countries. Demographic Research 36, 905–944.